8 Tips on How to Have a Successful Radio Interview

8 Tips on How to Have a Successful Radio Interview

There are many ways in which you can promote your book. Some go through the more commonplace methods such as book tours and book readings. But if you are lucky you can do a radio interview about your book.

In many ways a radio interview is a highly effective way to get your book out in the open. This is because a good number of people follow the airwaves and you can reach a varied demographic of people though your radio interview. But of course radio interviews are not as easy as they seem.

There are many ways where you can mess up a radio interview. For example you can mispronounce a word and get flustered the whole interview. Or you can mess up the order of your responses and end up having a chaotic interview. This is why it pays to be prepared and have a plan for the interview.

Here are some tips on how to have a successful interview.

1. Make ideal conditions for your interview

When having a radio interview conditions must ideal, imagine this. You are starting your interview in your living room. Everything seems ok, then all of a sudden a family member comes in and turns on the TV. You tell them about your interview but the time spent in explaining about your interview already wasted your time with the interviewer and you become flustered and lose your composure during the whole interview. This is why you should have your interview somewhere quiet and secluded.

This allows you to answer the questions better and have the time to think more thoroughly on the interviewer’s questions. The most important thing to remember is that you are comfortable and have the luxury of time to answer questions. Also remember to turn off all your phones and any gadget that may interrupt you.

2. Check if the interview will be a pre-recorded or live one

It is imperative that you ask whether the interview is a pre-recorded or love one. With a pre-recorded interview you will have a chance to listen to yourself after the interview and may even be able to tweak parts of the interview that you are not satisfied with. With a live one you have to be extra prepared because there will be live callers who you will have to converse with and whose questions you will have to answer at that very moment.

3. Always have refreshments and other amenities ready for the interview

It is always a good idea to have a glass of water ready during the interview because you might get a dry mouth. It’s ok if you have a pillow or a good armchair to sit on. Interviews may last for a long time so it pays to be comfortable.

4. Make it a point to be punctual

For an interviewer there is nothing more infuriating than having an interview late or even postponed. So if you are set to be interviewed always make sure that you are on time for the interview. It’s a good idea to be ready an hour before the interview so that you have time to make last minute preparations.

4. Meditate before the interview

Before the interview take a few minutes to just close your eyes and meditate on the upcoming interview. Think on the interview and the reason why you are having the interview. Think on the things you will say about your book and what you want to say to your readers. It will also help you calm down and free your mind of anxious thoughts.

5. Be confident and friendly during the interview

During the interview always remember to be confident and friendly in answering the radio interview questions. The audience will be able to catch your tone during the interview. Which is why it is very important to sound confident while answering the questions asked. Being able to answer confidently shows readers that you wholly believe in your book. And being friendly gives you a more down to earth and approachable persona. Just remember that it always pays to be polite and energetic in answering interview questions.

6. Be courteous towards the fans and the host

When you are speaking to the host always remember to be polite and give compliments where they are due. This shows listeners that you are well mannered. You should also make it a practice to be polite to callers and answer their questions as best as you can.

Be as informative as much as you can and never be condescending to anyone of the callers, even though they are not too informed about your book. This is the reason why you are having a radio interview in the first place, which is to tell people all about your book.

7. Ask for a copy of the interview

After the interview you should ask for a replay of the interview to check if you made any mistakes. Of course if the interview was live you can no longer make any corrections. If it is a prerecorded one though make a thorough check on parts of the interview and make the changes as needed. Always remember to be meticulous when it comes to interviews because these chances are rare and you should consider it as a great opportunity.

8. Take full advantage of the opportunity

As stated earlier the chance to have a radio interview is rare so you should take full advantage of the added exposure and promote your book even further.

Get the chance to be interviewed by a veteran broadcaster in the country. Ric Bratton’s expertise includes extensive experience in both radio and television as a talented interviewer, who is able to host his shows without spin or shock.

Booking a radio interview with the famous Ric Bratton is now within your reach. The Radio Interview service of BookVenture will get you a spot on Ric Bratton’s radio show “This Week in Americal” and will have that interview recorded and distributed to multiple channels.

10 Reasons Why Experts Need to Self-Publish Their Books

10 Reasons Why Experts Need to Self-Publish Their Books

Life today isn’t just the same while the days of the past. There have been issues identified differently years back that people today may approve. There were absolutely the same issues or topics mentioned yesterday, where viewpoints expressed can vary. Creating a guide is just one of them. And while the traditional publishing method of a book continues to be deemed a celebrated, self-publishing’s advancement is still renowned among authors nowadays.

Therefore, listed below are five factors as to why these writers today are often convinced to publish their books independently.

1. It’s cheaper to self-publish

When you choose to release your book utilizing your own energy and other methods, then you surely know how in this manner has become more cost effective. You have a lot of opportunities to seize, an adequate of options to select from, and much more writing items to pick. As a whole, you take control of your fees. Whether look for areas that may release your book at reduced rates, or you decide to invest more within the guide of your guide, you take control of your money and it’s also your decision to choose the solutions that you can manage.

2. Total control of system and the history

One instance to point out is this: once you choose the standard publishing solution to submit your book and you may be fortunate enough to sign a contract the moment feasible, what’ll likely occur is that an editor will likely request you to transform some material of your book. Whenever you elect to self-release your book, it is possible to hire an editor to do the furnishing of the manuscript and you may decide what things to alter and what not to improve on your own book.

3. Knowledge

The moment you determine to create a guide is the perfect time of your announcement of the confidence regarding the subject matter you determine to pen down. If that’s the case, you truly demonstrate assurance to get your book printed. You become in publishing your book by your own personal prepared since you are confident regarding the information of your function and ready to reveal it towards the planet.

4. Fortune and Reputation

Amanda Hocking, E.L. Wayne and much more self-published experts have built millions and be famous by performing the independent writing. Self-publishing your guide brings your story farther—to bundle and fame.

Your fortune is determined by what sort of selections you make in life. And in producing a guide, you’ve the choices to create your work independently or the original approach. Whatever conclusion you make, take notice that performing the thing that is right and appropriate in this moment can lead one to both fortune and celebrity.

5. You then become a boss

If you elect to self-publish your guide, you’ve got the entire independence to select what solutions vital of allowing your book be selections in the process are usually yours and who to utilize. That’s how self-publishing works: you become a boss and make conclusions for the book, nevertheless you are employed in a team of different abilities, who are able to be for making your book valuable and most ready excellent donors.

6. Greater royalties

Self-publishing does an alternative way when you could make as much as 100% of the cover price of your book. Higher royalties are offered by many independent publishing businesses; royalties that are 100% are offered by some. Thus, giving larger border to you once you choose to self-distribution of your book.

You’re generally paid a pre-determined and an advance fee royalty by publishing companies that were main on book sales as payment when you opt to do of publishing your manuscript, the standard means. This enables one to get a 25%- 50% for every marketed copy of your book.

7. Clear Schedule

Self-publishing your book doesn’t give a guessing game as to the entire process’ schedule to you. You should not watch for years before you can discover your book basically posted before your book can be prepared for purchase online and offline, as it might just take a few months. And because you get to be the administrator of the complete procedure, you only have to have a timeline on the steps and platforms you desire to your book—from copyediting, format, layout, or more to creating the official site for yourself and your book that will assist as your web bookstore.

Selecting the self-publishing method will provide you with a transparent schedule on which platform or specific step that requires to be performed for a certain period because you are in control of the complete process.

8. Right Moment

Would you imagine yourself maintaining your manuscript for decades and looking forward to the occasion that is right for this be printed? A lot of aspiring writers emerge and become famous, today. You’ll find also some who regularly and consistently stick to leading suppliers self’s top 10 set authors in magazines and exclusive magazines.
Nowadays is the appropriate time for all aspiring authors to come back up and start to become the main changing band of self-released writers, who’re achieving recognition thus quickly.

9. A relic of your living

Who doesn’t desire to be recalled being a wonderful individual? Where those who are pursuing their ways can remember them, folks are following diverse trails in lifestyle and so wanting to abandon footsteps. In accordance with a questionnaire done by promoters.com, authors write for a selection of causes: 11% to coach, 6% to effect, 15% to specific themselves, 8% to pencil down their imagination, 13% produce since they need to, and 13% write to be able to help others.

Thus, it is protected to express that writers do publish to be remembered. Everyone needs to affect others in lots of other ways. For you really to select of self-publishing your book is the own large choice to generate to complete whatever factors you have in your mind in time that is less.

10. You have confidence to complete it.

You determine to self-distribute since you are assured that your guide is preparing to be out. Why await tomorrow nowadays when you can do it?

Because you know you have the entire control over the total means of publishing your book individually, you know precisely whenever your book is prepared for purchase. The confidence in oneself as well as in your book is a good inspiring resource that would absolutely open the door if you prefer to trust yourself to turn your work into a printed copy as early as possible.

Whatever tactics you’d instead decide to be heard, it doesn’t remove the truth that you are currently there, prepared. Self-publishing does cost you more profit attempting to purchase the companies you believe are not worst to your book to offer more in the future. But what doesn’t cost anything today? Favorite activities to do in life and perhaps your hobbies do.

If publishing is your passion, then there’s no need to examine the rest of the “Ifs.” you need to determine as early now.

5 Easy to Follow Tips on Writing a Book

5 Easy to Follow Tips on Writing a Book

Writing a book is a very fulfilling task, and gives writers the chance to share their own perceptions in life. But it is also a very labor intensive job and takes time and resources to do. Here are five easy to follow tips on writing a book.

1. Get started!

It has always been said that there is no better time to start than the present, and this includes writing a book. Even though you might have the best idea for a book, if you don’t get started on it, it will all be a fruitless endeavor. Of course it is easier said than done, but once you get started all your apprehension and anxiety on whether the book is worthy or not to publish will disappear. In a way your greatest enemy when it comes to writing a book is yourself.

2. Create an outline

Once you get started on the book, you would then notice how easy it is to complicate the process if you do not have a clear and definite plan. This is why it is very important to create an outline. Once you have an outline, you would notice how easily the process flows now and the task will not be as daunting as you thought it would be. First things first you should make a table of contents as a guide. Then break the story up into start, middle and ending. This way you won’t feel overwhelmed when you get started.

3. Have a set routine on your book every day

When you first write a book, you would first notice how hard it is to find time. You would notice that you just can’t seem to fit it into your schedule and you end up putting it off to another time. Which is why it is very important to have a set routine. A time of the day specifically set for writing and nothing else. It could be early in the morning when you’ve had your first coffee or after lunch or even at midnight, it is all up to you. What is really important is that you feel at ease and you have all your thoughts organized and ready for you to get started.

4. Make a special place for yourself

It is very important for you to find a special place set specifically for writing. The great essayist ‘Henry David Thoreau’ once made a small cabin for himself in the woods so that he could get inspiration in the privacy and solitude of the forest. I am not saying though that you need to build yourself a cabin in the woods. You can write anywhere you like, it can be in the privacy of your bedroom, the kitchen or even your kid’s treehouse. The important thing is that you find a quiet and conducive place for writing. Somewhere where you are comfortable and at ease, where your thoughts and ideas can all easily meld together seamlessly.

5. Have accountability

Writing a book takes time and it usually takes a whole lot of effort when you start out. This is why some writers have a tendency to procrastinate and leave things till the last minute. This is especially evident when it comes to self-publishing where deadlines are not so stringent. But deadline or not, it is very important to use your time wisely.  It is also important that you set yourself a deadline and stick to it. Having a set word count and having your book reviewed by a few trusted advisers is also very import. This will keep you motivated and show yourself how far you have gone. In many ways writing a book is a painstaking process filled with all sorts of pitfalls along the way. But it is important to stay motivated and look at the bigger picture.

BookVenture Featured Author: Cindamae Colvin


Cindamae Colvin

Cindamae Colvin

I the writer am from the state of Illinois. This story is written off a tragedy in my life. At the time of my tragedy, I was just starting a career in Nursing. I stayed with my nursing career for 28 years. I am the mother of three children, the grandmother of seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. I was raised a Christian along with my eight siblings. I let go of my faith only to find that it would be that belief, and faith that would bring me justice. After my tragedy, I left the state of Illinois to start a new life.

I the Author am a first time writer. I entertain the notion of writing more stories. I find real life events intrigue most readers. I want to try and ensure my writings are such that intrigues and draws in the attention of the reader for their reading enjoyment.

Although my first book is nonfiction my other writing will be more based on true stories yet fiction. I also like writing poetry. Years ago I won an award for my poem Sisters. This helped give me the confidence and inspiration to full fill the writing of my book.


With Your Hand On My Shoulder By Cindamae Colvin

With Your Hand On My Shoulder By Cindamae Colvin

As I arrived on the scene, the house was in a blaze. There were onlookers, Firefighters, and local authorities everywhere.  My husband is missing, and the detective on the case was a sign, I would be on my own searching for my husband, Standing Alone and Through the Eyes of Another.

A young girl falls in love with a young man she has met through a group of friends. In those days he was known as a bad boy. His world was a lot different from the world she had known and grew up in. She had stepped into the world that would bring her tragedy.

Even though she knew she was living in a world she didn’t belong, she was deeply in love with him. They got married and life was in some ways great, yet in others it was ugly. He had a good heart and that’s what she has seen in him, but a lot of his actions were far from good.

They eventually became estrange. Although he could not change his ways he was deeply in love with her. She could no longer live in his world. She sets out to correct her life for her and her three children. She never tried to keep him from their children; she would always want them to know their father.

The day finally comes when she sees a new future for her and her children. She’s now living in her own place. She was so happy finding her new home because she stayed in the old school house with him and his cousin. The old school house was drafty, creaky, and reminded her of an old house off of a horror movie.

One morning she wakes up to a day that would change her life forever. She takes her children to her mother’s and off to work she went. She gets to work and gets a call of panic. Her husband is missing and the old school house her husband lived in with his cousin and a friend was on fire. Her husband was nowhere to be found.

She feels panic set in, the life he was living she had no idea what could have went wrong. The people he was associated with were very unpredictable. At this point, her feelings were that he had done something that he had to run and hide from. She also knew what he may have done would not keep him from contacting her and her children. Yet as the days passed she hears nothing. She stands alone because they were not the type of people to question.

QuestionS and AnswerS

What inspired you to write your book?

I was going through a tough time after I lost my mother. As I was resting one evening, I could hear my deceased husband telling me to write our story.

What was the most challenging part of writing your story?

It was a challenge to write my story; I read a lot of how to write books. I had a hard time telling the story because the pain of it still felt like it had just happened.

Why did you decide to self-publish?

Writing a book takes a lot of time. Once the book had been written I knew I needed advice with the publishing. It wasn’t easy for me to find a publishing company. My research kept falling back on self-publishing, after a while I decided I would go ahead and self-publish.

As an author, when did you first discover your love for writing?

I was writing my book and got an email stating there was a poem contest. I opened it and decided I would enter a poem I had written called Sisters. I won first place. This reassured my confidence in writing my book.

What is your philosophy of writing?

I never was a writer. Through life I had a lot of experiences that were mostly funny, so I loved to share my stories with other people.  Then later in life, I had a tragedy that brought me to write my book “With Your Hand on My Shoulder”.

As I began writing my story, I pulled the pictures from my picture book of memories.  Now as I write my second book, I vision pictures of what I would like to write. Most of what I write comes to me through the night. I wake up and grab my tape recorder to remember what I had come to me as I slept.  I now find writing gives me pleasure. I like sitting outside in the fresh air writing. It seems writing outside is my comfort zone when trying to put my thoughts into words.

Career-wise, what are your future plans?

I have been working on a second book. I like to tell stories, for the entertainment of others. The book I am working on is non-fiction yet based on some true events.

What is your advice to up and coming authors?

I believe finding a place that you feel comfortable in plays a major part in writing. Myself I love writing outdoors.  Sometimes thoughts of what your writing will come as you sleep, so I would suggest keeping a pencil and paper or a voice recorder near your bed to jot down your notes.  This way when awakening you do not forget them.

How was your experience with Book Venture?

Book Venture has done a great job of helping me to understand things about publishing I did not know. Each day I work with Book Venture I feel more and more at confident, that I have chosen the right publishing company.

Were you satisfied with the outcome of your book?

I am completely satisfied with my book.

Would you recommend our services to fellow authors?

As of now the work that has been done, I would recommend Book Venture.

Internet’s Birth Month Inspires Bookventure’s Marketing Promo

Internet’s Birth Month Inspires Bookventure’s Marketing Promo

BookVenture Publishing LLC pays tribute to World Wide Web Day with its newest marketing promo, World Wide Writing. This promo lets authors use the Internet to its full capacity to promote their book. With every purchase of a publishing package, the author will receive a discount on the package, a free Web Design, and additional free Media Release Campaign. Not only does the author cut down on publishing cost, but he or she also gets to enjoy the additional marketing services to promote the book. Through this promo, BookVenture wants to aspire and veteran writers alike to share their own creations to the world. Celebrating more than a decade’s existence of the Internet, the month of August is dedicated to making full use of this evolutionary tool.

Promo runs until August 31, 2016.

To learn more about this promo, visit https://www.bookventure.com/promo.

BookVenture: Your Ultimate Guide to a Successful Book Signing Event

BookVenture: Your Ultimate Guide to a Successful Book Signing Event

Stephen King signs autographs Saturday at Books a Million in South Portland. King was on hand for a book signing and reading by his son, Joe Hill. Troy R. Bennett | BDN

What constitutes a “Successful” Book Signing Event?

A Successful Book Signing event is when you have an audience gathered in a well-organized venue while you deliver a coherent and interesting discussion to promote yourself as an author. In order to host a successful Book Signing Event, you must be equipped with the proper materials to sell and promote your book. Avail a number of services and materials that can be very useful in a Book Signing Event.

Here’s a checklist of the necessary services/materials you should avail:

Author Video Interview

Start with the one person that can turn your book into a bestseller- YOU. As the author, you know the book from cover to back and you undoubtedly are an expert of the plot. Who’s the better person to ask about the story than the writer? Your readers will inevitably throw out questions that can be no-brainers or mind-boggling ones, which is why you must prepare yourself.

If you are not a natural public speaker, you might want to try practicing your remarks first. Writers are actually known to have less confidence in speaking because they are more expressive in writing. However, it shouldn’t be taken as a hindrance in this event. Since it can be intimidating to directly talk to the public, you can start out with a more indirect approach. An Author Video Interview service lets you, as an author, talk about yourself and your work in front of the camera.

In a way, it lets you talk, albeit indirectly, to the public and helps you practice your speech delivery. It also offers a similar setting to the book signing event since you also need to answer questions in the interview. By availing the service, not only do you get the chance to improve your communication skills, you also get to be more involved in the marketing and promotion aspect of your book. The Author Video Interview will be posted to various social media platforms.

Book Trailer

Bring your book to life by featuring it in a trailer. Boost your story’s popularity by giving your readers a visual presentation of it. A book trailer can easily go viral and is the one of the most attention-grabbing materials. The Book Trailer can be played on the day of the event to make it more entertaining for the audience. There’s no better way to fire up your readers imagination than by giving them a visual depiction of it.

Press Release

Getting a press release for your book lets you reach a wider audience since it is published in several print outlets including online. A professionally written press release helps establish your reputation as an author and get you recognition. Have a press release ready and published for the Book Signing Event so you have something for the media. Press Releases give out information about your work while subtly promoting it.

Social Media Publicity

Some companies offer Social Media Publicity packages to further enhance your presence and popularity online. There’s no better way to gain readers than penetrating the most accessible platform today- the internet. Having your own social media accounts lets you interact with readers and lets them get information and updates of your work. You can reach a big amount of followers in a short period since avid readers can discover your work faster and easier in the internet. Social Media Publicity is designed to assist you in setting up your pages and accounts on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, this is especially helpful if you are not internet-savvy. The service’s goal is to enhance your book’s discoverability and build you a solid fan base.

Book Event Online Listing

There are websites designed specifically to serve as a directory for Book Signing Events. Submit your Event details online so that your followers and fans can get information of the venue, time and other specifics. It’s also a good way to promote your work further by getting it featured on the website itself.

Here are some websites you can post your Book Signing Event on:


Book Orders – Volume Discounts

Avail discounts on copies of your book by buying them in bundle, the more you order your own copies- the bigger discount you can get. Book publishing companies usually offer promos handing out generous discounts on your book orders. Take advantage of these offers, your stock of books will be useful in the Book Signing event and also for any general occasions.

Print Materials (Business Cards, Postcards, Bookmarks, & Posters)

The most essential things you can carry around with you anywhere and especially during Book Signing Events- Print Materials. These marketing materials will help you get recognized and establish your reputation. Business Cards are handy since they bear your information and contact details, you can give them to high-profile personas or anyone interested in your work. Postcards, Bookmarks and Posters are great promotional prints that can be bought or just handed out to fans.

Book Stubs

Book stubs are cards similar in size and material to gift cards and allow you to promote your e-book or book directly to potential readers. Due to emergence of tablets, e-books have become the more preferred reading materials which is why it is more effective to use book stubs to promote your e-books. The book stubs can also be included in your press kits and handed out at certain events, more specifically Book Signing events.

Online Contest, Trivia & Tokens

Create your own online contest in social media and let your followers participate. There’s no better way to lure in more followers than by handing out freebies and gifts. You can promote your book or invite them to your Book Signing event through the contest. Give away a free paperback copy of your book to the winner or present them with a special token. Prizes are always a good attraction.

It’s best to always ask for assistance especially if it’s your first Book Signing Event. Publishing companies such as BookVenture offer most of the mentioned services and materials. Visit http://www.bookventure.com to get more information on the company’s offered services or contact them at their US Toll Free number 1-877-276-9751 for a FREE Consultation.

Best Book Marketing Services in 2016

Best Book Marketing Services in 2016One of the most significant bits and pieces of gaining success in the world of self-publishing is for the independent writers to do a great deal of book marketing. From there, success will eventually show up as a reward. Anywhere in the world today are the many self-publishing companies offering a variety of book marketing campaigns so that they will be able to help every author get heard in the industry. Even the different book marketing campaigns would mean differently from one author to the other. It might be well-accepted and very useful based on its best features. If there are top-selling self-published books, you should also consider the well-liked and acquired book marketing platforms in 2016.

Cover Enhancement/Cover Design

Definitely, your book will be judged based on its cover. So, when your goal is to get some more sales each day; you need to first stand out on market. Saying that means you need to focus on attracting your readers to not just think about the story inside your book but turn the pages because they are curious what’ the cover has to say.

Book Cover Design has become among the many so popular book marketing services in 2016 as many authors have become more aware of this fact that in order to drive readers to read their works, they need to attract them first from the cover itself. This service is said to be among the most sought platforms in many publishing companies and book retailers in 2016 such as Createspace and Amazon.

Social Media Marketing

Social media involve tweets, shares and content and today, have been considered the perfect place in promoting any products as they help spread the news about anything to anyone anywhere in the world. So some would question: What really social media can do to make a writer’s book marketing on the right place?

Statistics show that over 72% of all Internet users are now very active on the social media. Saying that means compared to ancient times, your words, plans, and marketing platforms about your book can easily be spread, heard, and be recognized through the use of the social media.

Book Exhibits

In 2015 there were remarkably numerous Book Exhibits and other book events that happened anywhere in the world. Due to this, a lot of authors were emerging and the number of authors purchasing the Book Exhibit service has gradually increased.

It is in Book Exhibits, especially the International Book Events, where rights negotiation, meeting the other authors, gathering thousands of book enthusiasts, and the assembly of various book sellers can happen. Due to successful book events last year, Authors can now foresee even higher numbers of book-related events to be happening in 2016.

Book Trailer Service

A book trailer is a video ad for a book/manuscript employing techniques comparable to those of movie trailers. Its purpose is to attract more booksellers and readers and allow them to discover more about the wonderful secrets that books can tell.

According to www.statista.com, while the number of video viewers in the U.S. alone has dramatically increased, it also found that average time spent by video audience has also gone parallel with it. Along with the information, Book Trailer service has also been considered among the most sought book marketing campaigns in the previous year.

Creating a book marketing and publicity campaign will help spread the secrets your book needs to unravel. Seeing to it that the marketing platforms of your choice fit right to your work is just a perfect beginning. You’ll gain more payoffs in the right time.

Updated: July 18, 2016