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Promote Your Newly Published Book

Best Marketing Practices To Promote Your Newly Published Book

Different writers have a variety of temperament in life just like many others who pursue diverse paths with the same goal—to succeed in whatever profession they choose. Self-publishing is a whole lot interesting to some because of a great privilege of the authors to take full control of the entire process. But somehow, some new self-published authors might not be that interested in marketing their newly published book/s. They’re just gratified with the fact that their books are published and to see their names appear as the writers of those titles.

As a book enthusiast, I wonder if there could be a lot of authors who are wishing they get returns of their published works. I found out there are numerous of them who desire to stay at home, write a book, and earn. Most of them are just not so confident that it can be possible. But first off, we need to know that selling and earning from your published book do not happen in seconds. Publishing a book may or may not make you a billionaire. It solely depends on your attitude towards hitting the goal…it depends on the kind of book promotion you do to make it happen.


It is not just about how your book looks but how your book performs in the market. Keep in mind that patience, perseverance, and hunger to earn are just a few of the bits and pieces you need to incur in yourself so that you’ll get optimistic responses in this process. If you could market your book to any of your family members, relatives, and closest friends; why would you walk farther yet? Start from there.

Talk about your book at home. Discuss what lessons or in what way your readers can benefit from your work. In that way, these people might be helping you out in talking about your book to others they know in the offices, schools, and other organizations these people are connected with. That’s where the “word-of-mouth advertising kicks off.

When your reader experiences or has read something far beyond what was expected, word-of-mouth is triggered. When you’re confident about your book, there’s nothing to worry and there’s no need to try to go beyond their expectation; your book will say it all.

Advertising Online

Have you wondered how some of these self-published authors make it to the top of the best-selling lists? Or simply amazed the way they are able to manage to sell more than the average of 300 books per year? You might start putting on your own list of who are making millions recently simply by writing books. Of course, anything is possible and I believe you’ve thought about that a couple of times too. And let me guess you know the answer. We all know that all it takes is great strategic planning and marketing plans for their books.

Anywhere online are millions of people connected with each other using the Internet. And according to, the world has an average of 3,000,000,000 Internet users this year. Among the many possible ways to get started is by joining online forums where people discuss about anything under the sun. Obviously, I would suggest that’s one of the best book marketing you should try today if you haven’t done it yet. It’s your time to be noticed online; so stay connected with the others today.

Social Media Marketing

You have to admit to yourself how important the social media is these days. Everyone has his own social media account: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn, Multiply, SkyRock, and more. I once made a try in making an advertisement online and it’s about calling the attention of some bloggers to hit like on my blog page. I was right to use the social media sites because my blog page got numerous visits, thousands of “likes” and numerous “shares.” In this practice, you are not required to invest your money but your time.

Before you start, consider your goals in this journey. It is very essential to start a social media marketing campaign with a plan in mind so that you certainly can wander and pursue in realizing your goals without getting lost. Think through your target audience, their location and how do they use social media.

Book Reviews

A book review is a method of literary criticism in which your book is scrutinized based on the character, content, theme, style, and the like. Getting a book review is among the many possibilities that mostly self-published authors take advantage in adding visibility for their books. While this can be done scholarly or through hiring some professionals to do it for your work, getting a review for your book can be done simply by  letting others read your book. You can ask your friends or pay a book reviewer.

Most self-publishers explore this kind of marketing platform and consider it more persuasive for most readers since it involves editorial content.


If you consider yourself an online expert; why not take advantage of it? You sure know you can start making blogs about your book and let billions of people around the world know what you’ve got. A blog for marketing can provide an identity and visibility of your book. It is where the interest is generated while you also display your work. It is where you can tell the story behind its title while allowing others to get involved with it through letting them leave their comments.

Moreover, creating blogs about you and your book can be noticed by all sorts of media and other angles of marketing in as much as you can educate people with your words. These people reading your blogs might be those who can bring your work farther when they realize how worthy your book is.

There is so much to explore about self-publishing and book marketing. Still, everything depends on you. So, when you desire to get more sales of your book, make sure you’re focused and ready to do it.

Market Your Book for Free

How Can You Market Your Book for Free?

All of us have a lot of duties to accomplish, a variety of activities, and numerous stuffs in mind. Nowadays, to become a writer has been made possible when we speak about the promising aid the Internet can do. There are so many things that occupy every writer’s mind and one of those is what to get in return when he chooses to self-publish his book. Writers, especially those who choose to independently publish their works have been in so many places and have been through a lot of trial-and-error routines just to reach the finish line. That’s a fact. Everyone wants to find his way out to get published in whatever ways.

Yet here’s another fact: Marketing your book for free and gaining publicity without spending any dime are now made possible these days. And how do the most self-publishing authors do that?

Free marketing on the web

There’s no guaranteed of instant popularity the moment you look at your computer screen. You need to make use of your keyboard and type anything you need on the web address bar. You need to search about marketing your book and you want it free.

Start looking. There are a lot of websites that offer free marketing of books or free book listing on their websites. Some sites do offer free membership for a limited time and that is a great opportunity for you to be a member of the site for free. Being a member on any website gives you the advantage to promote yourself and your work to their other members.

Wouldn’t it be great as a start?

Free marketing in publishing companies

This kind of job can be a real challenge but don’t give up. Some publishing companies do offer free marketing campaigns when you choose to publish your work with them. Don’t settle for less when you are using the Internet because sometimes, great prizes are there. And these companies offering these deals can be just a few click of your mouse.

And when we talk about companies offering free marketing services to authors; the Internet is never a limitation. You may hear it from your friends who are already doing it. Nonetheless, you should give credit to your own effort of going out and look around for these companies. You might be surprised to realize they are actually just steps away from your home.

Trust your own resources

They can’t be necessarily costly. Sometimes, we people do depend too much on the web and other people before we can give credit to our work. While it is true that the Internet has been considered one of the most powerful tools in spreading your words today, you know in yourself that you can actually do stuff on your own by simply using any available resources you have at home.

For instance, you can make banners and posters for your book and display them in the most appropriate places where you know a lot of people might see these materials. These marketing tools simply need simple yet powerful words, which you surely know how to create since you are a writer. Additionally, you can create your own press release about your book. If other companies do have copywriters to make it, then you absolutely can do it on your own. In this way, you don’t need to spend or buy anything, assuming you make use of any available resources you have at home.

Market through social media sites

Take your book to the Social Media. Why not? Signing up to any social media sites is free. To be able to have your own account on any social media sites does not require you to pay anything. Definitely, the point is there. If you can have your social media account, then you can promote your book there without spending a dime. Using social media sites to exemplify your brand is a great way to engage with your followers, fans, and prospect readers.

Statistics shows that nearly one out of every four people in the world are connecting with each other using social media. This fact makes it sure for you to connect with any book enthusiasts and other authors.

Join online forums

There are so many reasons pointed as to why you should join online forums. These include networking opportunities, additional knowledge, gaining more ideas, building relationships, mentorship, and more. Upon further scrutiny, these reasons seem to be all applicable when you want to increase publicity to your book.

Joining online forums gives you all freedom to talk about your book. If you successfully build relationship among other members, they can help you spread some interesting points your book emphasizes. It is also a big chance for you to meet other authors who might share their knowledge and effective book marketingideas. Whatever your purpose might be to be part of the forum, you are already marketing your book for free.

Definitely, there are so many places and ideas to explore when you choose to market your book on your own. It is simply a matter of your dedication and gravity of your will make your book marketing a success in the end. I’ve listed a few above to give you the basic ideas on how you can actually get things done without costs. The next step will be yours.