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Infographics: The Self-Publishing Process

Self-Publishing Process

The entire self-publishing process starts with writing your ideas, creating a story about it, and perfecting your work through editing/revising your manuscript. When you think your book is ready, identify ideal readers. On top of all the platforms, you should first know where to market your book. Great book cover designs should be considered to invite your readers into becoming prospect buyers of your book. Choose the marketing platforms that suit best your needs. Connect online and never stop promoting your masterpiece.


Book Marketing Advice for Self Publishers [Infographics]

With multiple book marketing platforms around; there are so much ways to generate sales from your book. Here are significant ways to guide self-publishing authors to earn more book sales through selling their manuscripts online.

Self-Publishing Marketing Advice

Self-Publishing Services For Newbie Authors

Self-Publishing Services that Fit For Newbie Authors

Being a part of the writers’ world is an exciting time. Today, the self-publishing world expands to offer a multitude of new opportunities to all novelists and even those who are new in the craft. Publishing and letting your book gain more publicity on your own can now become possible anytime, anywhere. Yet, what are these self-publishing services that fit right especially for new authors nowadays?

Copyediting Service

The moment you decide to self-publish your book, you know everything that needs to be done on the polishing of your book cover to cover is your sole responsibility. Never sacrifice the quality of your book for the sake of having it published and seen. If you are new in the publishing industry, the copyediting service is worth for your grab.

So, what should you look for if you are first starting out?

It’s okay to trust yourself as the editor of your own book. But I’m sure after those first several attempts of making everything perfect; there are still mistakes there being overlooked. It is still important to take your chance to invest and hire a professional editor to do it for you. You can always check the prices on this service from one publishing to the other or find freelancers. It’s better to do it as early as now.

Website Design Service

Today, whatever genre your book is; a good website is a must. As a newbie author, you should make this a priority before anything else. Consider your site as an extension of you and what you represent. It serves as your online business kiosk, where publishers, agents, the media, readers, and other authors may check from time to time. It is where an important first impression can be established.

Make your readers smile each day by showing them your creative and professional website for yourself and your book. In this matter, you can do it on your own if you have the skills on web designing or hire someone who can ingeniously make it. Some publishing companies offer this service for self-publishing authors.

Book Layout and Formatting Service

As a new self-publishing author, it is reasonable enough when you are always bothered by your budget before pursuing this path. At the same time, you don’t want your book to look like a scrap when it’s finally out, right? You don’t want to shortchange your backbreaking work and publish your manuscript with a second-rate layout and formatting.

So, here’s the thing: every new writer needs to know the importance of getting a layout and formatting service for your book so that your work will join a healthy competition out there. Proper formatting and book readability are essential contributors towards the success of your book. Hence, you need to hire a professional book formatter if you can’t do it all on your own.

Book Cover Design Service

Contrary to the hoary axiom, expect people to judge your book based on its cover. These days, there are more than millions of books published in the world and there are only a few that become famous. Every writer has his own tactics on how to get his books noticed in the market and among the very important factors is to make sure your book cover design is eye-catching and professionally done.

Why does a stunning book cover design so important? There are a lot of reasons but simply know the very fundamental ones. First, your book cover can be considered as the first page of your story because the reader might be able to understand and get a little idea on what you are trying to tell him simply by looking at your book cover. In your reader’s mind, your book cover can also create preconceptions about where your story takes place or how do your characters look like. In that case, it helps a reader decide whether or not to buy your book. If your book cover is well-design, this can also help a reader think about a high quality content you can offer to every reader, convincing everyone to buy your book.

Bottom line? Make your book interesting and that will surely help you grow as an author. As a newbie, you will need to get your first book done right.

Publicity Services

Do you think it’s enough to be called a published author? While it’s true that writers do write for many reasons, it is also important to note the hardships you’ve been through just to finish your manuscript. Being out there isn’t enough but getting back your returns is more of an accomplishment as an author.

As a new self-publishing writer, it is necessary to get any publicity service for your book as early as now as one of the remarkable initiatives you can do to complete your journey. These services include anything that will expose your book to the public such as a press release, book review, Internet publicity, and the like. You need to introduce yourself and start getting attention. If you stay out of everyone’s sight, you can’t be discovered.

Self-publishing services today are better than ever at helping everyone generate and dispense books of different varieties. But one service alone cannot make it successfully happen. If you are a newbie to this industry, learn where you can possibly begin your drive and make your every step cautiously, with a clear direction.