Book Events to Look Forward this 2015

Book Events to Look Forward this 2015

January is considered the International Creativity Month for the year 2015. Surely, it is also considered a great opportunity for all writers in the world as it opens the doors of different ways to show their creative stories anywhere in the world. The year 2015 marks a new beginning, new adventures, and new memories. It is a perfect time for authors to start looking for breaks that would allow them to be heard in the world of literature. So, what are these book-related events that authors must look forward this year? Start marking your calendar.

2015 American Library Association Midwinter

American Library Association MidwinterFrom January 30-February 02, 2015, thousands of attendees are again expected to join the American Library Association Midwinter show. The American Library Association is considered the largest and most encompassing group representing and lobbying for the national library industry. The attendees usually include library staff of all levels from across the U.S., writers, researchers, and the like. The event will take place in Chicago, Illinois.
Taipei International Book Exhibition

Taipei International Book ExhibitionThis International Book Exhibit will include a seminar wherein Better products for multiple markets, understanding the target audience and marketing strategies will be discussed. The event will answer the questions about how publishing is changing and will highlight also the voices from the International publishing industry. Taipei International Book Exhibition, which will take place on February 11-16, 2015 invites publishers, editors, CEOs, marketing and sales professionals, production and digital content managers, publishing industry innovators and startups, consultants, book sellers, and authors. Be part of this event and begin your new year with new escapade with the other talented people in the world.

London Book Fair 2015

London Book Fair 2015When you talk about rights negotiation and the sale and distribution of content, the London Book Fair is the global marketplace. This year, The London Book Fair will be held from April 14-16, 2015 at Olympia, in West London. It will reportedly cover all ranges of the industry. See you there!

2015 BookExpo America “New Title Showcase”

2015 BookExpo America “New Title Showcase”This year’s BookExpo America highlights more changes such as the additional of BookCon, which brought 10,000 members of the public onto the show floor; and the New Title Showcase. Since 2014, the newly added category for the show has been bringing out the best literary pieces of new writers, who deserve to be recognized. Attendees as expected are the publishers, booksellers, librarians, distributors, media, and many others. It will take place from May 27-May 29, 2015 in New York. Deadline of registration is on April 27, 2015. Don’t miss it.

2015 Beijing International Book Fair

The 2015 Beijing International Book Fair is where China’s publishing industry meets the world. The event will take place from August 26,-30 2015 at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. It is where books of almost every subject, genre, or classification will be displayed. Deadline of registration is on August 03, 2015.

Book events such as local and international literary exhibits are absolutely clear ways of stepping up to a higher possibility in the world of literature. It is significant to writers and all book enthusiasts to always know what’s in and what’s out for reads. In 2015, these are only some of the many great book shows and other literary-related events authors should look forward to.


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