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BookVenture: Your Ultimate Guide to a Successful Book Signing Event

BookVenture: Your Ultimate Guide to a Successful Book Signing Event

Stephen King signs autographs Saturday at Books a Million in South Portland. King was on hand for a book signing and reading by his son, Joe Hill. Troy R. Bennett | BDN

What constitutes a “Successful” Book Signing Event?

A Successful Book Signing event is when you have an audience gathered in a well-organized venue while you deliver a coherent and interesting discussion to promote yourself as an author. In order to host a successful Book Signing Event, you must be equipped with the proper materials to sell and promote your book. Avail a number of services and materials that can be very useful in a Book Signing Event.

Here’s a checklist of the necessary services/materials you should avail:

Author Video Interview

Start with the one person that can turn your book into a bestseller- YOU. As the author, you know the book from cover to back and you undoubtedly are an expert of the plot. Who’s the better person to ask about the story than the writer? Your readers will inevitably throw out questions that can be no-brainers or mind-boggling ones, which is why you must prepare yourself.

If you are not a natural public speaker, you might want to try practicing your remarks first. Writers are actually known to have less confidence in speaking because they are more expressive in writing. However, it shouldn’t be taken as a hindrance in this event. Since it can be intimidating to directly talk to the public, you can start out with a more indirect approach. An Author Video Interview service lets you, as an author, talk about yourself and your work in front of the camera.

In a way, it lets you talk, albeit indirectly, to the public and helps you practice your speech delivery. It also offers a similar setting to the book signing event since you also need to answer questions in the interview. By availing the service, not only do you get the chance to improve your communication skills, you also get to be more involved in the marketing and promotion aspect of your book. The Author Video Interview will be posted to various social media platforms.

Book Trailer

Bring your book to life by featuring it in a trailer. Boost your story’s popularity by giving your readers a visual presentation of it. A book trailer can easily go viral and is the one of the most attention-grabbing materials. The Book Trailer can be played on the day of the event to make it more entertaining for the audience. There’s no better way to fire up your readers imagination than by giving them a visual depiction of it.

Press Release

Getting a press release for your book lets you reach a wider audience since it is published in several print outlets including online. A professionally written press release helps establish your reputation as an author and get you recognition. Have a press release ready and published for the Book Signing Event so you have something for the media. Press Releases give out information about your work while subtly promoting it.

Social Media Publicity

Some companies offer Social Media Publicity packages to further enhance your presence and popularity online. There’s no better way to gain readers than penetrating the most accessible platform today- the internet. Having your own social media accounts lets you interact with readers and lets them get information and updates of your work. You can reach a big amount of followers in a short period since avid readers can discover your work faster and easier in the internet. Social Media Publicity is designed to assist you in setting up your pages and accounts on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, this is especially helpful if you are not internet-savvy. The service’s goal is to enhance your book’s discoverability and build you a solid fan base.

Book Event Online Listing

There are websites designed specifically to serve as a directory for Book Signing Events. Submit your Event details online so that your followers and fans can get information of the venue, time and other specifics. It’s also a good way to promote your work further by getting it featured on the website itself.

Here are some websites you can post your Book Signing Event on:

Book Orders – Volume Discounts

Avail discounts on copies of your book by buying them in bundle, the more you order your own copies- the bigger discount you can get. Book publishing companies usually offer promos handing out generous discounts on your book orders. Take advantage of these offers, your stock of books will be useful in the Book Signing event and also for any general occasions.

Print Materials (Business Cards, Postcards, Bookmarks, & Posters)

The most essential things you can carry around with you anywhere and especially during Book Signing Events- Print Materials. These marketing materials will help you get recognized and establish your reputation. Business Cards are handy since they bear your information and contact details, you can give them to high-profile personas or anyone interested in your work. Postcards, Bookmarks and Posters are great promotional prints that can be bought or just handed out to fans.

Book Stubs

Book stubs are cards similar in size and material to gift cards and allow you to promote your e-book or book directly to potential readers. Due to emergence of tablets, e-books have become the more preferred reading materials which is why it is more effective to use book stubs to promote your e-books. The book stubs can also be included in your press kits and handed out at certain events, more specifically Book Signing events.

Online Contest, Trivia & Tokens

Create your own online contest in social media and let your followers participate. There’s no better way to lure in more followers than by handing out freebies and gifts. You can promote your book or invite them to your Book Signing event through the contest. Give away a free paperback copy of your book to the winner or present them with a special token. Prizes are always a good attraction.

It’s best to always ask for assistance especially if it’s your first Book Signing Event. Publishing companies such as BookVenture offer most of the mentioned services and materials. Visit to get more information on the company’s offered services or contact them at their US Toll Free number 1-877-276-9751 for a FREE Consultation.


Best Book Marketing Services in 2016

Best Book Marketing Services in 2016One of the most significant bits and pieces of gaining success in the world of self-publishing is for the independent writers to do a great deal of book marketing. From there, success will eventually show up as a reward. Anywhere in the world today are the many self-publishing companies offering a variety of book marketing campaigns so that they will be able to help every author get heard in the industry. Even the different book marketing campaigns would mean differently from one author to the other. It might be well-accepted and very useful based on its best features. If there are top-selling self-published books, you should also consider the well-liked and acquired book marketing platforms in 2016.

Cover Enhancement/Cover Design

Definitely, your book will be judged based on its cover. So, when your goal is to get some more sales each day; you need to first stand out on market. Saying that means you need to focus on attracting your readers to not just think about the story inside your book but turn the pages because they are curious what’ the cover has to say.

Book Cover Design has become among the many so popular book marketing services in 2016 as many authors have become more aware of this fact that in order to drive readers to read their works, they need to attract them first from the cover itself. This service is said to be among the most sought platforms in many publishing companies and book retailers in 2016 such as Createspace and Amazon.

Social Media Marketing

Social media involve tweets, shares and content and today, have been considered the perfect place in promoting any products as they help spread the news about anything to anyone anywhere in the world. So some would question: What really social media can do to make a writer’s book marketing on the right place?

Statistics show that over 72% of all Internet users are now very active on the social media. Saying that means compared to ancient times, your words, plans, and marketing platforms about your book can easily be spread, heard, and be recognized through the use of the social media.

Book Exhibits

In 2015 there were remarkably numerous Book Exhibits and other book events that happened anywhere in the world. Due to this, a lot of authors were emerging and the number of authors purchasing the Book Exhibit service has gradually increased.

It is in Book Exhibits, especially the International Book Events, where rights negotiation, meeting the other authors, gathering thousands of book enthusiasts, and the assembly of various book sellers can happen. Due to successful book events last year, Authors can now foresee even higher numbers of book-related events to be happening in 2016.

Book Trailer Service

A book trailer is a video ad for a book/manuscript employing techniques comparable to those of movie trailers. Its purpose is to attract more booksellers and readers and allow them to discover more about the wonderful secrets that books can tell.

According to, while the number of video viewers in the U.S. alone has dramatically increased, it also found that average time spent by video audience has also gone parallel with it. Along with the information, Book Trailer service has also been considered among the most sought book marketing campaigns in the previous year.

Creating a book marketing and publicity campaign will help spread the secrets your book needs to unravel. Seeing to it that the marketing platforms of your choice fit right to your work is just a perfect beginning. You’ll gain more payoffs in the right time.

Updated: July 18, 2016