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Cindamae Colvin

Cindamae Colvin

I the writer am from the state of Illinois. This story is written off a tragedy in my life. At the time of my tragedy, I was just starting a career in Nursing. I stayed with my nursing career for 28 years. I am the mother of three children, the grandmother of seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. I was raised a Christian along with my eight siblings. I let go of my faith only to find that it would be that belief, and faith that would bring me justice. After my tragedy, I left the state of Illinois to start a new life.

I the Author am a first time writer. I entertain the notion of writing more stories. I find real life events intrigue most readers. I want to try and ensure my writings are such that intrigues and draws in the attention of the reader for their reading enjoyment.

Although my first book is nonfiction my other writing will be more based on true stories yet fiction. I also like writing poetry. Years ago I won an award for my poem Sisters. This helped give me the confidence and inspiration to full fill the writing of my book.


With Your Hand On My Shoulder By Cindamae Colvin

With Your Hand On My Shoulder By Cindamae Colvin

As I arrived on the scene, the house was in a blaze. There were onlookers, Firefighters, and local authorities everywhere.  My husband is missing, and the detective on the case was a sign, I would be on my own searching for my husband, Standing Alone and Through the Eyes of Another.

A young girl falls in love with a young man she has met through a group of friends. In those days he was known as a bad boy. His world was a lot different from the world she had known and grew up in. She had stepped into the world that would bring her tragedy.

Even though she knew she was living in a world she didn’t belong, she was deeply in love with him. They got married and life was in some ways great, yet in others it was ugly. He had a good heart and that’s what she has seen in him, but a lot of his actions were far from good.

They eventually became estrange. Although he could not change his ways he was deeply in love with her. She could no longer live in his world. She sets out to correct her life for her and her three children. She never tried to keep him from their children; she would always want them to know their father.

The day finally comes when she sees a new future for her and her children. She’s now living in her own place. She was so happy finding her new home because she stayed in the old school house with him and his cousin. The old school house was drafty, creaky, and reminded her of an old house off of a horror movie.

One morning she wakes up to a day that would change her life forever. She takes her children to her mother’s and off to work she went. She gets to work and gets a call of panic. Her husband is missing and the old school house her husband lived in with his cousin and a friend was on fire. Her husband was nowhere to be found.

She feels panic set in, the life he was living she had no idea what could have went wrong. The people he was associated with were very unpredictable. At this point, her feelings were that he had done something that he had to run and hide from. She also knew what he may have done would not keep him from contacting her and her children. Yet as the days passed she hears nothing. She stands alone because they were not the type of people to question.

QuestionS and AnswerS

What inspired you to write your book?

I was going through a tough time after I lost my mother. As I was resting one evening, I could hear my deceased husband telling me to write our story.

What was the most challenging part of writing your story?

It was a challenge to write my story; I read a lot of how to write books. I had a hard time telling the story because the pain of it still felt like it had just happened.

Why did you decide to self-publish?

Writing a book takes a lot of time. Once the book had been written I knew I needed advice with the publishing. It wasn’t easy for me to find a publishing company. My research kept falling back on self-publishing, after a while I decided I would go ahead and self-publish.

As an author, when did you first discover your love for writing?

I was writing my book and got an email stating there was a poem contest. I opened it and decided I would enter a poem I had written called Sisters. I won first place. This reassured my confidence in writing my book.

What is your philosophy of writing?

I never was a writer. Through life I had a lot of experiences that were mostly funny, so I loved to share my stories with other people.  Then later in life, I had a tragedy that brought me to write my book “With Your Hand on My Shoulder”.

As I began writing my story, I pulled the pictures from my picture book of memories.  Now as I write my second book, I vision pictures of what I would like to write. Most of what I write comes to me through the night. I wake up and grab my tape recorder to remember what I had come to me as I slept.  I now find writing gives me pleasure. I like sitting outside in the fresh air writing. It seems writing outside is my comfort zone when trying to put my thoughts into words.

Career-wise, what are your future plans?

I have been working on a second book. I like to tell stories, for the entertainment of others. The book I am working on is non-fiction yet based on some true events.

What is your advice to up and coming authors?

I believe finding a place that you feel comfortable in plays a major part in writing. Myself I love writing outdoors.  Sometimes thoughts of what your writing will come as you sleep, so I would suggest keeping a pencil and paper or a voice recorder near your bed to jot down your notes.  This way when awakening you do not forget them.

How was your experience with Book Venture?

Book Venture has done a great job of helping me to understand things about publishing I did not know. Each day I work with Book Venture I feel more and more at confident, that I have chosen the right publishing company.

Were you satisfied with the outcome of your book?

I am completely satisfied with my book.

Would you recommend our services to fellow authors?

As of now the work that has been done, I would recommend Book Venture.


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