8 Tips on How to Have a Successful Radio Interview

8 Tips on How to Have a Successful Radio Interview

There are many ways in which you can promote your book. Some go through the more commonplace methods such as book tours and book readings. But if you are lucky you can do a radio interview about your book.

In many ways a radio interview is a highly effective way to get your book out in the open. This is because a good number of people follow the airwaves and you can reach a varied demographic of people though your radio interview. But of course radio interviews are not as easy as they seem.

There are many ways where you can mess up a radio interview. For example you can mispronounce a word and get flustered the whole interview. Or you can mess up the order of your responses and end up having a chaotic interview. This is why it pays to be prepared and have a plan for the interview.

Here are some tips on how to have a successful interview.

1. Make ideal conditions for your interview

When having a radio interview conditions must ideal, imagine this. You are starting your interview in your living room. Everything seems ok, then all of a sudden a family member comes in and turns on the TV. You tell them about your interview but the time spent in explaining about your interview already wasted your time with the interviewer and you become flustered and lose your composure during the whole interview. This is why you should have your interview somewhere quiet and secluded.

This allows you to answer the questions better and have the time to think more thoroughly on the interviewer’s questions. The most important thing to remember is that you are comfortable and have the luxury of time to answer questions. Also remember to turn off all your phones and any gadget that may interrupt you.

2. Check if the interview will be a pre-recorded or live one

It is imperative that you ask whether the interview is a pre-recorded or love one. With a pre-recorded interview you will have a chance to listen to yourself after the interview and may even be able to tweak parts of the interview that you are not satisfied with. With a live one you have to be extra prepared because there will be live callers who you will have to converse with and whose questions you will have to answer at that very moment.

3. Always have refreshments and other amenities ready for the interview

It is always a good idea to have a glass of water ready during the interview because you might get a dry mouth. It’s ok if you have a pillow or a good armchair to sit on. Interviews may last for a long time so it pays to be comfortable.

4. Make it a point to be punctual

For an interviewer there is nothing more infuriating than having an interview late or even postponed. So if you are set to be interviewed always make sure that you are on time for the interview. It’s a good idea to be ready an hour before the interview so that you have time to make last minute preparations.

4. Meditate before the interview

Before the interview take a few minutes to just close your eyes and meditate on the upcoming interview. Think on the interview and the reason why you are having the interview. Think on the things you will say about your book and what you want to say to your readers. It will also help you calm down and free your mind of anxious thoughts.

5. Be confident and friendly during the interview

During the interview always remember to be confident and friendly in answering the radio interview questions. The audience will be able to catch your tone during the interview. Which is why it is very important to sound confident while answering the questions asked. Being able to answer confidently shows readers that you wholly believe in your book. And being friendly gives you a more down to earth and approachable persona. Just remember that it always pays to be polite and energetic in answering interview questions.

6. Be courteous towards the fans and the host

When you are speaking to the host always remember to be polite and give compliments where they are due. This shows listeners that you are well mannered. You should also make it a practice to be polite to callers and answer their questions as best as you can.

Be as informative as much as you can and never be condescending to anyone of the callers, even though they are not too informed about your book. This is the reason why you are having a radio interview in the first place, which is to tell people all about your book.

7. Ask for a copy of the interview

After the interview you should ask for a replay of the interview to check if you made any mistakes. Of course if the interview was live you can no longer make any corrections. If it is a prerecorded one though make a thorough check on parts of the interview and make the changes as needed. Always remember to be meticulous when it comes to interviews because these chances are rare and you should consider it as a great opportunity.

8. Take full advantage of the opportunity

As stated earlier the chance to have a radio interview is rare so you should take full advantage of the added exposure and promote your book even further.

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